04 Jun 2024
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HealthPlus Fertility Center brings hope to women with revolutionary ovarian tissue cryopreservation technique

  • Ovarian tissue cryopreservation is an instant fertility preservation option for women
  • Patients who are prepubescent can also consider the procedure
  • Fertility experts call it ‘a new jump in fertility preservation’
  • It is the only fertility preservation hope for children battling chemotherapy and genetic ovarian conditions

HealthPlus Fertility Center, an M42 company, is launching an advanced fertility preservation procedure called ovarian tissue cryopreservation (OTC). OTC provides instant fertility preservation for patients who may need immediate medical treatment that could impact their future fertility.

OTC is an emerging fertility preservation solution brought by HealthPlus Fertility Center to the GCC. It involves collecting ovarian tissue through a minimally invasive keyhole surgery performed using laparoscopic tools under a general anesthetic. During the surgery, the surgeon removes a part of one of the ovaries, and once extracted, the tissue is then cut into thin strips and soaked in preservative fluid before being transported to the laboratory for freezing.

The procedure itself uses ultra-low temperature ‘cryogenic’ freezers to safely preserve the ovarian tissue. Once the patient has completed their treatment or is planning to start a family, the preserved tissue is planted back into the patient’s body, so that they can resume normal hormone and egg production.

Dr. Walid Sayed, Medical Director, and Consultant in Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology (IVF)

Dr. Walid Sayed, Medical Director, and Consultant in Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology (IVF) at the HealthPlus Fertility Center said: “At HealthPlus Fertility, we are always looking at ways to support our patients with their fertility needs through bringing to market services that have the potential to transform their lives. Thus, we employ the latest data-backed technologies to deliver exceptional care to all patients including those with unique health requirements. For such patients with complex needs, we now offer ovarian tissue cryopreservation knowing that it can be an instrumental tool in helping to preserve fertility quickly. Patients who come to us for treatment can rest assured knowing that they will be well looked after, with their needs being prioritized.”

As an M42 company, HealthPlus Fertility is eager to explore health-tech solutions that improve patients’ lives and empower them with life-changing treatment options. One such category of patients includes those undergoing cancer treatment, as OTC provides patients with cancer a new lease on life. As cancer treatment can affect fertility, physicians who specialize in oncology are encouraging patients to discuss and explore fertility preservation options before their treatment begins.

Dr. Ahmad Raza, Staff Physician of Medical Oncology & Hematology

Dr. Ahmad Raza, Staff Physician of Medical Oncology & Hematology in the Oncology Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi added, “The timeliness of cancer treatment can impact its overall success. Ovarian tissue cryopreservation provides an opportunity to preserve reproductive abilities for patients who plan to start or grow a family after the completion of cancer treatment.

Because ovarian tissue cryopreservation preserves the ovarian tissue itself, the endocrine function of the ovary is safeguarded allowing women to have an improved quality of life after cancer treatment and ovarian tissue replantation.

This innovative technique allows women to prioritize their health while improving their ability to have children after treatment. We are proud of our relationship with HealthPlus Fertility as we continue to make advances in cancer treatment which improves survival and long-term quality of life for patients in the UAE and wider region.”

Professor Ahmed Elbohoty, Consultant Reproductive Health and Infertility

Professor Ahmed Elbohoty, Consultant Reproductive Health and Infertility, HealthPlus Fertility Center, said: “We, at HealthPlus Fertility, have introduced this revolutionary new procedure that will help female patients who are set to lose their fertility extremely fast. Such candidates include young girls in need of urgent intervention or those with genetic diseases that accelerate oocyte loss.

“For the patients undergoing significant and life-altering treatments that affect fertility, ovarian tissue cryopreservation provides an alternative option to help navigate this path in the future since it preserves healthy tissue that can later be used for childbearing and enable normal hormone secretion.

HealthPlus Fertility is a leading provider of fertility treatments including IVF, egg-freezing and now, ovarian tissue cryopreservation. Clinics are staffed by Western-certified professionals including IVF specialists, gynecologists, obstetricians, embryologists, endocrinologists, and urologists. The clinic has helped couples conceive 4,000 children over the course of 12 years and continues to provide innovative solutions for those looking to preserve their fertility or conceive.