07 May 2024
M42 brings together top global health experts for the inaugural Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week 2024

M42 brings together top global health experts for the inaugural Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week 2024

  • M42 and the Longevity Forum join forces, spotlighting global health experts and speakers, driving tech-enabled health breakthroughs on the M42 Main Stage
  • M42 named as the Foundation Partner, while Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of the M42 group and a designated teaching hospital in the UAE, will be the official Education Partner for the event
  • The M42 Main Stage will host eminent speakers from Microsoft and Harvard University, as well as international physicians, scientists, philanthropists, and best-selling authors

M42, a leading global health-tech powerhouse, is proud to unveil its lineup of top global health experts to convene on the M42 Main Stage at the inaugural Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week 2024 (ADGHW). ADGHW, hosted by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the emirate, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, promises to redefine the future of healthcare and life sciences for a healthier world. Scheduled from 13 to 15 May at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), this landmark event aims to unite the global healthcare community under the theme: “Accelerating the Future of Global Healthcare.”

As the Foundation Partner, M42, which operates at the intersection of health and innovation, will bring a distinguished lineup of global health visionaries and leading tech experts to Abu Dhabi. Partnering with The Longevity Forum, a nonprofit initiative committed to achieving longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives, M42 will host renowned international speakers including Dr. David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer at Microsoft, Dr. David Sinclair, Professor of Epigenetics and Longevity at Harvard, Octavius Black CBE, Co-Founder and CEO of MindGym , Dr Richard Marshall CBE, MD, PhD, physician and scientist, Louise Newson, GP and Menopause Specialist, Andrew J Scott, a Professor of Economics at London Business School and a consulting scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Longevity, Andrea B. Maier, MD, FRACP, a leading gerontologist, Jim Mellon, co-founder and Deputy Chairman of Juvenescence, among others.

H.E. Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi, Undersecretary of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) said, “The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) and Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week are delighted to build on the ongoing collaboration with leading organizations such as M42. As the Foundation Partner, we look forward to leveraging their vast expertise in genomics and artificial intelligence (AI) with the aim of accelerating the future of healthcare on the global stage. Across the three-day event, the “always on” platform will convene leading researchers, policymakers, healthcare specialists, investors and entrepreneurs. Together, we will chart a course for a healthier future, prioritizing good health and quality care across the globe and solving tomorrow's healthcare challenges, today.”

M42's Main Stage promises a dynamic and immersive experience, featuring a robust daily program designed to captivate and inspire. From sessions on preventive health strategies aimed at extending healthy lifespans to insightful dialogues on the pivotal role of nutrition in maintaining wellness, every session has been meticulously curated to offer invaluable insights. Moreover, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into global best practices and witness firsthand M42's groundbreaking health-tech innovations that spotlight personalized health, precision care and the integration of data and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of M42, said, “M42 is committed to shaping a sustainable and inclusive health ecosystem enabled by technology. Our focus is on health, not just healthcare. With the support and visionary leadership of the UAE, M42, as the Foundation Partner at Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week 2024, is leveraging preventive, precise, and personalized health-tech, including genomics and AI, to transform traditional healthcare. Our goal is to positively impact and disrupt the global health landscape, putting health back into your own hands. This reinforces our commitment to fostering responsible innovation, driving sustainable growth and creating a future where health is accessible and prioritized for every individual.”

The M42 Main Stage at the M42 stand will host thought-provoking sessions that promise a transformative journey towards a healthier tomorrow. M42 will also showcase its leading health technologies along with its state-of-the-art healthcare facilities delivering world-class health solutions. Through innovative medical and data-centric technologies, including genomics and AI, M42 is transforming the traditional healthcare landscape. Leveraging technology not merely as a tool but as a catalytic force for co-designing the sustainable future of health, M42’s participation in the inaugural event reinforces Abu Dhabi's role in fostering a sustainable and resilient health and life science ecosystem on a global scale. Furthermore, it provides fertile ground for the sector to innovate and thrive, bolstered by the recent strategic billion-dollar investment in AI by M42 stakeholder G42.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of the M42 group, and a designated teaching hospital in the UAE, will be the official Education Partner for the event, supporting an array of cutting-edge sessions and workshops aimed at enhancing professional development and advancing healthcare practices in the region. Through collaborative efforts and knowledge-sharing, M42 aims to drive advancements in healthcare delivery, ultimately improving outcomes and access for individuals worldwide.

ADGHW will explore the paradigm shift from reactive to proactive care. ADGHW will serve as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas and insights, gathering pioneering minds and a powerful network of 5,000 attendees, 1,000 delegates, 200 speakers and 100 exhibitors. Fostering dynamic discussions and cross-sector collaboration, this initiative will tackle pressing global challenges and enable joint solutions to shape the future of healthcare.

The M42 Main Stage is positioned in the Atrium from 13 to 15 May 2024 at ADNEC.

ADGHW is a major government initiative from the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi which aims to accelerate collaboration, innovation, and investment, and bring together researchers, policymakers, healthcare specialists, investors, and entrepreneurs across the global healthcare and life-science ecosystem.