04 Jun 2024
Mumtalakat and M42 announce Amana Healthcare Bahrain expansion

M42’s HealthPlus Fertility launches tailored care for men at HOWA Men’s Health Clinic

  • An all-male team of doctors and nurses will staff the facility, creating a private and supportive space for men’s health discussions
  • New clinic coincides with International Men’s Health Week, the clinic offers comprehensive care for men’s health, including hormonal imbalances, navigating andropause to cutting-edge andrology and fertility solutions

HealthPlus Fertility, a renowned leader in fertility care and part of the M42 group, has launched the HOWA Men’s Health Clinic coinciding with International Men’s Health Week starting June 10. The name HOWA, which means "He" in Arabic, will focus on the often-overlooked aspect of men’s health. It embodies the clinic's mission to create a dedicated space for men to openly discuss their health concerns in a private, judgment-free environment, supported by an all-male medical team.

M42’s HealthPlus Fertility launches tailored care for men at HOWA Men’s Health Clinic

The HOWA Men’s Health Clinic will provide top-tier care with a wide range of services in Abu Dhabi through HealthPlus Fertility, as well as in Dubai and Northern Emirates residents via Mubadala Health Dubai. These include managing hormonal imbalances, navigating andropause (often referred to as hypogonadism), addressing urological issues and offering comprehensive andrology and fertility solutions. The clinic's expert medical staff are dedicated to providing personalized assistance. They offer proactive preventive care and state-of-the-art treatments customized to meet the individual’s needs, with the aim to motivate men to take charge of their health.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of M42, said, “We are proud to announce the launch of the HOWA Men’s Health Clinic. We reaffirm M42’s commitment to comprehensive health for all. At M42, we prioritize people, not just patients; health, not just healthcare; and prevention, not just treatment. By addressing the often-overlooked aspects of men’s health, we are creating a space where men can prioritize their well-being and receive the personalized care they need. Leveraging pioneering, technology-driven health solutions we aim to empower men to take charge of their health through a proactive approach to health and well-being focused on prevention.”

Jules McDonald, Director of Clinical Operations at HealthPlus Fertility, said, “We are excited to open our HOWA Men’s Health Clinic. Men’s health issues are often underrepresented in healthcare discussions as many men feel uncomfortable addressing their concerns or seeking help. Our clinic provides a private, supportive environment where men can speak openly without fear of judgment. It is crucial to recognize that hormonal imbalances can affect men as well, and our clinic is dedicated to providing the customized care they need.”

Critical concerns

Despite its prevalence, male infertility often remains overlooked. The clinic’s urologists will address critical concerns, including exploring underlying health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, obesity and hormonal imbalances. Emphasizing the importance of regular screenings and educational initiatives, the clinic aims for early detection and effective intervention.


Dr. Ahmad Allam, a Urology Specialist at HealthPlus Fertility Center, said, “I look forward to welcoming patients to our HOWA Men’s Health Clinic, where we will focus on holistic healthcare. Our team of experts is ready to address diverse concerns, from hormonal imbalances to fertility issues. Our aim is not only to treat symptoms but to educate and empower men to take control of their own health. With HOWA, we are on a mission to redefine men’s healthcare, promoting early detection, prevention and overall well-being.”

Understanding the dynamics of male hormones, grasping the notion of male menopause and acknowledging fertility’s role is vital to delivering comprehensive men’s health care. Symptoms of male menopause could encompass fatigue, diminished libido, performance issues, mood alterations and cognitive decline. Unlike the rapid onset of menopause in women, andropause occurs gradually and can be less pronounced. However, it is still a significant health issue that can impact a man’s quality of life. The clinic will play an important role in recognizing and helping men manage these symptoms, which will be essential for maintaining overall health and well-being as they age.

The HOWA Men’s Health Clinic unveiling follows the recent opening of M42’s Laha Wellness Hub, a dedicated preventive women’s wellness clinic at HealthPlus Family Clinic in Al Bandar, Abu Dhabi. This specialized clinic, tailored for women aged 35 and above, aims to empower women through a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on preventive care, personalized plans and educational support that address issues such as menopause and fertility.

International Men’s Health Week encourages men of all ages to prioritize their health, seek preventive care and engage in conversations about important health issues. Observed in the week leading up to Father’s Day, this annual event aims to raise awareness about preventable health problems and promote early detection and treatment, regular check-ups, a balanced diet, physical activity and mental health among men and boys.

M42 has made booking an appointment at the HOWA Men’s Health Clinic easy and convenient, for Abu Dhabi please call 600 503035 or visit The HOWA Men’s Health Clinic also extends its services and care to Dubai and Northern Emirates residents via Mubadala Health Dubai. To avail of these services in Dubai, please visit or call Mubadala Health Dubai on 800 77 or