04 Jun 2024
Mumtalakat and M42 announce Amana Healthcare Bahrain expansion


The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the emirate, and M42, a global tech-enabled health powerhouse, have collaborated to launch a groundbreaking initiative and strategic priority, the Abu Dhabi Biobank, with its first offering being the region’s largest hybrid cord blood bank.

It will be a key pillar of health transformation and aims to deliver excellence by creating a diverse, foundational, bio-asset that supports therapeutic treatments, life science research for medical innovation, novel drug discovery targets and disease prevention, to deliver the highest level of personalized, precise, and preventative healthcare for all.

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    Cord blood biobanking

    The cord blood bank of Abu Dhabi Biobank will enable better care outcomes, build the nation’s self-sufficiency in meeting the urgent need for cord blood stem cells, and further enhance regional capabilities in research and innovation. 

    Cord blood is the blood left inside a child’s umbilical cord after delivery and has stem cells. These stem cells work like a ‘bio repair kit’, helping to heal, restore and replenish other cells that can be used in the treatment of certain hematological and immune system disorders, like:

    • Leukemia and lymphoma
    • Bone marrow diseases requiring a transplant which include certain genetic diseases
    • Anemias like thalassemia and sickle cell disease
    • Certain immune system disorders
    • Other conditions e.g. autism, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes

    Preserve your baby’s cord blood

    When a baby’s cord blood is stored as part of the public cord blood bank, it can be donated to treat and heal life-threatening diseases for those who need it, at no risk to the donor.

    The family also has the option to secure their baby’s future by opting for private cord blood bank storage.

    • Specimens

      Largest hybrid cord blood bank 

      storage capacity of 100,000 cord blood samples

    • Infrastructure

      Best of its kind biobanking infrastructure

      38 automated liquid nitrogen tanks

    • Temperature

      Safe and secure preservation

      Safe and secure preservation

    • Cell

      Diverse foundational bio-asset

      supporting life threatening therapeutic treatments

    • Dna

      Maximal impact on health

      increased therapeutic access for patients

    • Dataset

      Only Licensed Biobank 

      collection and preservation of cells locally


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