02 Nov 2023
M42: Abu Dhabi's global health-tech innovator takes on sustainability challenges at COP28

Omics Centre of Excellence is invested in the accentuated power of genomic, clinical and cross- disciplinary data that enables healthcare transformation.

  • Region’s largest and most advanced Omics facility

    - as an enabler of Emirati Genome Program

  • 1.3 million

    Biobank has capacity to store 1.3 million bio samples currently with an expansion capacity of up to 3 million

  • 500K WGS

    Annual throughput that exceeds 500K WGS with strong and customizable in- house bioinformatics capabilities

  • 3 leading NGS

    Platform agnostic solutions with 3 leading NGS solutions under one roof

  • Value to dataset

    Value to dataset through agrigenomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics and metagenomics

  • Enabled by agile, modular bioinformatic

    Country genome programs, Omicsbased wellness and longevity projects enabled by agile, modular bioinformatic workflows