04 Jun 2024
Mumtalakat and M42 announce Amana Healthcare Bahrain expansion

AI-driven platforms covering the entire healthcare ecosystem and creating a continuous data loop.

  • Cohort Search for Clinical Trial Feasibility Assessment

    Powers the unification of multimodal healthcare datasets
  • Centre of Digital Health

    Integrating the latest AI technologies and big data to translate data into intelligent insights
  • Genomics based platform

    Annotation using machine learning for better precision healthcare solutions
  • AI-driven analysis

    To track adverse drug event detection, named entity recognition, PII removal
  • Centralized Health Information Exchange

    Creation of a centralized database of unified patient records. 79 unique electronic medical records centralized to date


    One of the fastest implemented health information exchanges in the world

    Malaffi is the region’s first Health Information Exchange platform, that safely and securely connects public and private healthcare providers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Malaffi enables the meaningful, real-time exchange of important patient health information between the healthcare providers, creating a centralised database of unified patient records, improving healthcare quality and patient outcomes.

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    Innovation. At the heart of care.

    Med42 is a generative AI model built for the global healthcare community. With over 70 billion parameters, Med42 is designed to respond to medical prompts and questions ethically, safely and efficiently.

    With Med42, healthcare professionals and patients could easily decipher medical reports, analyze test results, streamline and improve the healthcare experience.

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    Other Assets

      Advanced Diagnostics

      Built to address the need for population-scale detection and diagnosis of various infections.


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      Pharma and Therapeutics

      Pharmaceutical manufacturing hub and bio-therapeutics projects in collaboration with Tier 1 pharma giants.

      Environmental Sciences

      Providing predictive wastewater surveillance, advanced industrial testing, and comprehensive environmental tracking and reporting services through cutti...

      Clinical Research

      Accelerating drug and device development through comprehensive R&D, market access, commercialization, and regulatory support across all clinical trial p...