04 Jun 2024
Mumtalakat and M42 announce Amana Healthcare Bahrain expansion

Innovation. At the heart of health.

Med42 is a generative AI model built for the global healthcare community. With over 70 billion parameters, Med42 is designed to respond to medical prompts and questions ethically, safely and efficiently.

With Med42, healthcare professionals and patients could easily decipher medical reports, analyze test results, streamline and improve the healthcare experience.

  • Easy to Use
  • Curated dataset
  • Open-access

    Made for….

    AI Healthcare Assistant

    Med42 helps streamline the healthcare experience by quickly and efficiently answering complex medical questions that would otherwise take significant time and resources.

    Researchers can use it as a personal AI healthcare assistant, supporting their research.

    For healthcare professionals, it is easy to envisage a future where Med42-based technologies have been authorized for widespread use, and could analyze a patient’s information and provide insights that would inform personalized treatment plans and care.

    In that future, Med42, patients could have greater confidence in their care by using the platform to decipher complex medical jargon and become more informed about their health.

    Med42 is an important step toward a future of accessible AI solutions to improve the quality of care for the global healthcare community and millions of patients around the world.


    Open & Trusted

    Med42 is open access and built in partnership with trusted partners including Core42 and Cerebras, to provide an unprecedented level of transparency and collaboration.

    We have worked diligently with the global healthcare community to ensure the safe and ethical deployment of the Med42 technology. Our open-access approach enhances the performance of the AI model, cultivates a collaborative environment that fuels innovation among various institutions. ultimately making Med42 more open, accessible, customizable, and cost-effective.


    Improving Patient Outcomes

    In future, Med42 could help healthcare professionals put their energy where it matters most: on the patient.

    As Med42-based technologies become regulated for widespread use, they are poised to transform the future of AI across the healthcare sector and create a direct positive impact on patient care outcomes. These could range from helping doctors diagnose rare diseases to supporting scientists in predicting the risk of patients developing certain complications.

    Med42 embodies M42’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation. It charts a path toward personalized, patient-centric care and accelerated global dissemination of healthcare knowledge.

    The model has been developed to support the development of systems that would exponentially enhance clinical decision-making and increase access to synthesized medical knowledge for healthcare professionals, patients, and medical researchers through to regulators.

      Future Development

      World-class Healthcare Powered by Technology

      Med42, built by M42, is a critical step on our mission - to deliver world-class patient-centric care enabled by advanced technologies and innovative solutions. We are committed to developing next-generation technology and treatments that enhance patient experience, improve outcomes, and impactfully redefine the future of healthcare.

      Operating at the forefront of medical advancement, Med42 is set to transform the way care is delivered, bridging the gap between AI and the clinical outcomes patients receive.

      Access Med42 on Hugging Face

      Licensed on terms similar to Meta’s Llama 2 model, Med42 is free for non-commercial use and research – with appropriate controls on use, given the obvious risks that could arise when deploying AI in a healthcare context.